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Integra Rail is an Australian company providing leading professional services in the Australian and international rail markets.

We provide our customers with specialised consulting and advisory services in rail management, rolling stock, rail systems and operations, safety and engineering assurance.


Our Customers

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Our Services

Consulting Engineering

Consulting services on behalf of the customer or supplier in the rail and mining industries.

Quality Management

Independent management, audits and inspections for customers and suppliers.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and commissioning management, reviews and development of instructions and reports.

Technical Advisory

Provide educated and experienced decisions to public and private railway projects.

Project Management

Effective and integrated project management from tender to final completion.

Operations and Maintenance

Feasability studies, network capacity, planning and operational readiness asssessments.

Systems Assurance

Logical approach to ensure redundancy and fail safe achievement.


Procurement locally and international to meet the customers specification. 


Independent certification and registration of new and modified rolling stock.

Our Expertise

Rolling Stock

Rail Transport

Depot and

Rail Infrastructure

Mining Equipment
& Operations

Noise and Vibration

Train Control

Security & Safety

Our Projects

Waratah Train Project

Provide 78 new 8 car double deck passenger EMUs for the CityRail network.


Provide 9 new diesel powered cars for WestRail, to replace existing WAGR class.

Freight Parts Procurement

Procurement of freight rolling stock and parts from various customers in China.

Flatbed Copper Wagons - MMG

Supply of new flatbed copper ore wagons for MMG mining in Peru.

Gosford Turntable Assessment

Condition assessment of the 75ft turntable as Gosford train station for Transport Heritage NSW.

OSCAR Train Project

Provide 55 new 4 car double deck intercity passenger EMUs for the CityRail network.

Dubai Tram

Provide 11 new Citadis trams for the new Dubai tramway network.

Bulk Ore Transport System (BOTS)

Design of a new light weight autonomous mining rail system in the Pilbara.

New Generation Rolling Stock

Supply of 75 new 6 car single deck EMUs for DTMR Queensland.

New Intercity Fleet (NIF)

Supply of 65 new 6 car and 4 car double deck intercity passenger EMUs for NSW Trainslink.

Hunter Railcar

Provide 7 new 2 car diesel multiple units (DMUs) for the CityRail network.

Sydney Trams - URBOS 3

Provide 12 new CAF URBOS 3 trams for Sydney's inner west light rail extension.

SDA-1 LCC and Reliability

Lifecycle costing and reliability analysis of service data in Australia of the SDA-1 locomotives .

Tangara Technology Upgrade-TTU

Upgrade to the existing Train Control and Passenger Information System.

Sydney Metro - North West

Supply of 22 new 6 car single deck driverless EMUs for Sydney Metro - North West.

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Waratah Train Project

On the Waratah Train Project Integra Rail’s associates were involved in the management of design, manufacturing, testing and commissioning and introduction into service.

  • Employer: Downer Rail


Integra Rail’s associates were involved in and responsible for the management of design changes and testing and commissioning on the Prospector.

  • Employer: United Goninan

Freight Parts Procurement

Integra Rail were engaged to conduct quality control and assurance audits for locomotives, wheelsets and railway infrastructure components in China.

  • Customer: MRL

Flatbed Copper Wagons- MMG

Integra Rail were engaged to conduct independent verification and validation of the design and quality control for the build, for 168 flatbed copper wagons for MMG in Peru.

  • Customer: Hatch China/ MMG Peru

Gosford Turntable Assessment

Integra Rail were engaged to conduct a condition assessment of the 75ft turntable at Gosford, NSW. This assessment included the structural analysis of the centre pin support.

  • Customer: GHD/ Transport Heritage

OSCAR Train Project

Integra Rail’s associates were involved in and responsible for the management of design, testing and commissioning and introduction into service for the OSCAR Train Project.

  • Employer: Downer Rail

Dubai Tram

Integra Rail’s associates were responsible for the systems assurance for the new Dubai Tramway, this involved witnessing all equipment and tram level type testing with the supplier and OEMs of equipment.

  • Employer: TUV Rheinland

Bulk Ore Transport System

Integra Rail were engaged as an independent technical advisor for rolling stock and signalling and develop the system concept design, as well as the verification and validation requirements.

  • Customer: MRL

New Generation Rolling Stock

Integra Rail assembled a team of engineers to support the introduction into service and operational readiness of the NGR fleet. As a technical advisor we conducted reviews of design and testing compliance.

  • Customer: Queensland Rail

New Intercity Fleet - NIF

Integra Rail were responsible for managing the detailed design, manufacturing and testing and commissioning project stages in Sydney and South Korea.

  • Customer: Hyundai Rotem/ RailConnect

Hunter Railcar

Integra Rail’s associates were involved in and responsible for the management of design, testing and commissioning and introduction into service.

  • Employer: United Goninan

Sydney Trams - URBOS 3

Integra Rail’s associates were involved in the testing and commissioning, warranty and maintenance of the new URBOS 3 trams for Sydney’s inner west light rail.

  • Employer: CAF

SDA-1 LCC & Reliability

Integra Rail were tasked with the development of an operations and maintenance lifecycle costing (LCC) model and reliability analysis and assessment of the SDA-1 locomotives operating in Australia.

  • Customer: CRRC Ziyang

Tangara Technology Upgrade

Integra Rail supported the testing and commissioning of Stage 2 of the Tangara Technology Upgrade. Additional to this, we conducted training and assessment for train captains to conduct dynamic testing.

  • Customer: UGL

Sydney Metro - North West

Integra Rail were part of the independent certification (IC) team for design verification and testing stages of the driverless Sydney Metro Northwest. 

  • Customer: Systra-GHD